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How to correctly use and maintain the electric fan?
1, before use should read the instructions, fully grasp the structure, performance and installation, use and maintenance methods and attention.
2, desktop, floor type electric fan must use a three pin plug and socket earthed; ceiling fan should be installed in the ceiling of the high position, you can not install the grounding wire.
3, the fan blade is an important component, whether in the installation, disassembly, scrub or use, must be strengthened to prevent deformation.
4, the operation of the function switch, button, knob, the action can not be too fast, too fast, can not press two buttons at the same time.
5, the fan speed control knob should slow sequential rotation, rotation position should not be in the file, otherwise easy to make ceiling heating or burning machine.
6, after a long time with the fan, fan leaves are easily stained with a lot of dust. This is the electric fan at work, because the fan and air friction between the blades with the electrostatic charged objects can attract properties of lightweight objects, which can absorb indoor fine dust floating by. Electric fan oil or dust, should be promptly removed. Can not wipe with gasoline or alkali liquid, so as not to damage the paint on the surface parts of the function.
7, the electric fan used in the process such as hot, abnormal smell, his head is ineffective, the rotational speed of the fault, do not continue to use, should be promptly cut off the power supply maintenance.
8, collection of fan shall be thoroughly cleaned before the surface oil, dust, and with a dry soft cloth wipe, and then use a clean cloth or wrapped in kraft paper. The place of storage should be dry and ventilated to avoid extrusion.

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